Interactive B+ Tree (C++)

This is an implementation of the B+ Tree algorithm in C++'11. For background information on the B+ Tree algorithm and the interactive B+ Tree project, please see the original Interactive B+ Tree page.

This project is available to the public under the Apache Public License 2.0, which is a permissive license, allowing you to copy and re-use the code as you wish, so long as you acknowledge its original authorship and reproduce the copyright and license statements.

Instructions for use:

Please note that you may have to change the first line of the Makefile to get this project to compile on your computer. The first line defines the variable CC to refer to your system's C++ compiler. When you download the Makefile with the rest of the source files, it has CC referring to clang++, the C++ front end for the LLVM compiler, which is now standard on Mac OS X machines. If you do not have Clang/LLVM running on your machine, please change the value of CC to the appropriate compiler, e.g., g++ (the GCC C++ compiler).

Download: Interactive B+ Tree (C++) 2.1.0


Many thanks to Dr. Jorge Arturo Castellanos for pointing out a couple of issues with the source code: the designation of the compiler in the Makefile (of which I had made a mental note when preparing the Makefile, but which I then forgot to go back and fix), and the inclusion of the appropriate header for the C++ std::tuple construct.

Thanks to Zbigniew Romanowski for his helpful bug report.